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"Devotions in Art" Exhibit

Rembrandt ExhibitThe Biblical works of Rembrandt epitomize the theme of the Virtual Bible Museum, Experience the Bible.  We are therefore proud to present this selection of the renowned artist's works as our feature exhibit.

This exhibit is also the first exhibit in our "Devotions in Art" series.  This series of exhibits will help you experience the Bible and develop a deeper relationship with God and His Word each time you have a "devotion" on this site.  We recommend getting your Bible, a pen and some paper, and prepare your heart to receive the Biblical messages Rembrandt sought to convey.

In this exhibit, fifty of Rembrandt's works are depicted in a unique format.  Seven groupings illustrate different themes of Rembrandt's biblical works, and are presented with scripture references for reading, meditation, and devotion.


Christian Art Exhibits

The inspirational words of Scripture have inspired artists for many centuries, and the Christian Art Exhibits include many of the finest masterpieces of all time by artists like Michaelangelo, Raphael, and DaVinci.  Other lessor-known artists who have beautifully and brillantly portrayed Biblical themes are also included.  Never before were these exhibits able to exist, for the artwork on display is scattered among many museums and collections all over the world.  So for the first time ever, these exhibits are on display here at the Virtual Bible Museum!


Exhibit One: The Old Testament

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Genesis (6 images) Patriarchs (5 images) The Nation of Israel, Part 1 (5 images)


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The Nation of Israel, Part 2 (6 images) Life of David (4 images) Men and Women of Faith (7 images)


Exhibit Two: The Life of Christ

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Birth of Christ (5 images) Jesus' Life and Teachings (7 images) The Cruxifiction (6 images) Burial and Resurrection (6 images)


Exhibit Three: Michelangelo Caravaggio

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8 images


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