Old Testament


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TITLE: The Creation of the Animals
ARTIST: Tintoretto
DATE: 1550-53
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 13' 8" x 11' 7"
LOCATION: Galleria dell'Accademia, Venice


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TITLE: The Creation of Eve
ARTIST: Henry Fuseli
DATE: c. 1805
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 119.7 x 80.7"
LOCATION: Hamburger Kunsthall, Hamburg, Germany


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TITLE: The Expulsion from Paradise
ARTIST: Charles Joseph Natoire
DATE: c. 1770
MEDIA: Oil on copper
SIZE: 26.7 x 19.7
LOCATION: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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TITLE: Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
ARTIST: Thomas Cole
DATE: 1827
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 39 x 54 in.
LOCATION: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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TITLE: Cain and Abel
ARTIST: Titian
DATE: c. 1576
MEDIA: Fresco
SIZE: 9' x 9'
LOCATION: Sacristy, Santa Maria della Salute, Venice



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TITLE: The Tower of Babel
ARTIST: Pieter Bruegel the Elder
DATE: 1563
MEDIA: Oil on oak panel
SIZE: 114 x 155 cm.
LOCATION: Kensthistorisches Museum, Wien Vienna




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