Old Testament

The Nation of Israel, Part I

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TITLE: Moses
ARTIST: Michelangelo Buonarotti
DATE: 1513-1515
MEDIA: Marble
SIZE: Height: 92.5 in.
LOCATION: S. Pietro in Vincoli, Rome


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TITLE: Moses at the Burning Bush
ARTIST: Jacopo Vignali
DATE: c. 1655
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 39 x 48.7 in.
LOCATION: Bob Jones University Collection of Religious Art, Greenville, SC


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TITLE: Burial of the Firstborn of Egypt
ARTIST: Erastus Salisbury Field
DATE: c. 1885
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 33.2 x 39.2 in.
LOCATION: Museum of Fine Art, Springfield, MA


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TITLE: Pharaoh and His Host Lost in the Red Sea
ARTIST: Benjamin West
DATE: c. 1802
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 38.2 x 30 in.
LOCATION: Worcester Art Museum, MA


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TITLE: Manna from Heaven
ARTIST: Nicolas Poussin
DATE: c. 1649
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 57.2 x 78 in.
LOCATION: Musee du Louvre, Paris




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