Old Testament

The Nation of Israel, Part II

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TITLE: Moses
ARTIST: Jose De Ribera
DATE: c. 1638
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 65.5 x 38 in.
LOCATION: Chiesa della Certosa di San Marino, Naples


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TITLE: Moses Striking the Rock
ARTIST: Joachim Antoniszoon Wtewael
DATE: c. 1620
MEDIA: Oil on wood panel
SIZE: 17.5 x 26.2 in.
LOCATION: Ailsa Mellon Bruce Fund, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


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TITLE: Moses Receiving the Tablets of the Law
ARTIST: Marc Chagall
DATE: 1970
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 92.7 x 103 in.
LOCATION: Musee National Message Biblique Marc Chagall, Nice, France


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TITLE: The Worship of the Egyptian Bull-God Apis
ARTIST: Filippino Lippi
DATE: c. 1492
MEDIA: Oil on wood panel
SIZE: 30.7 x 54 in.
LOCATION: The National Gallery, London


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TITLE: The Brazen Serpent
ARTIST: Charles Le Brun
DATE: c. 1680
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 36 x 51.2 in
LOCATION: City of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, England


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TITLE: Construction of the Temple of Jerusalem Under the Order of Solomon
ARTIST: Jean Fouquet
DATE: c. 1468
MEDIA: Illumination
LOCATION: Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris




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