The Cruxifiction of Christ

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TITLE: The Last Supper
ARTIST: Leonardo da Vinci
DATE: 1498
MEDIA: Fresco
SIZE: 15 x 29 ft.
LOCATION: Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan


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TITLE: Agony in the Garden
ARTIST: El Greco
DATE: 1595
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 40.25 x 44.75 in.
LOCATION: Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio


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TITLE: Christ Before Pilate
ARTIST: Tintoretto
DATE: 1566-1567
MEDIA: Oil on canvas
SIZE: 18' 1" x 13' 3.5"
LOCATION: Scuola di San Rocco, Venice


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TITLE: Yellow Christ
ARTIST: Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin


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TITLE: The Raising of the Cross (study for center panel of Antwep Cathedral)
ARTIST: Peter Paul Rubens
DATE: 1609-1610
MEDIA: Oil on panel
LOCATION: Louvre, Paris


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TITLE: The Lamentation
ARTIST: Giotto
DATE: 1305-1306
MEDIA: Fresco
LOCATION: Cappella dell Arena, Padua





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