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Welcome to the Virtual Bible Museum! 

Since 1998, this award-winning web museum and Christian archive has spread a love for God's Word and provide valuable resources on the Bible, its history, and its influence on the arts and humanities.  Now at its new home at, the Virtual Bible Museum is expanding with new features and sections.

The Bible is the most extraordinary work of literature in all of history.  It has been published, sold, and translated more than any other work, and has impacted lives, nations, and societies for centuries.  Christians have given their lives- and even suffered torturous deaths- to preserve the Bible and to share it with others.  We invite you once again to Experience the Bible!

Barbara Raney

Museum Curator 

Is the Bible relevant for today?

Billy Graham answers:

"Ideas, books, and people come and go, but the Bible and the truth it contains is for all time. That is why the Bible is a living Book and can be trusted for its advice and direction and knowledge of God at the beginning of the twenty-first century just as much as it could be trusted by first-century Christians. God has given us a message that is not only for past times and this time, but for all time."

Billy Graham


Currently, there are two major sections to the museum: the History of the Bible section and the Christian Art section, with a museum store coming soon.  We appreciate your feedback, and  invite you to help us spread a love for the Bible by adding a link or sharing this site with a friend.

History of the Bible

Small BibleSee the world's rarest and most beautiful Bibles and learn how the Bible was translated over the centuries. Start with the earliest Hebrew Torah Scrolls and papyri of Greek manuscripts. Learn about the lives of Reformation martyrs who struggled against great odds and gave their lives to translate the Word of God into the languages of the common people: men like John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, and William Tyndale. Find out how the King James Authorized Version came into existence, as well as the Latin Vulgate, Textus Receptus, and the first Bibles in America.

Christian Art ExhibitsChristian Art Exhibits

From the first century Anno Domini, throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and into modern times, Christianity and Biblical themes have played a pivotal role in art, culture, and aesthetic life. In the "Christian Influence in Art" exhibits, the works of Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and many others are featured from museums all over the world. 

In our first "Devotions in Art" exhibit, a unique presentation of seven groupings illustrate different themes of Rembrandt's biblical works, and are presented with Scripture references for reading, meditation, and devotion.



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