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A friend of yours asked me to invite you to come visit The Virtual Bible Museum at Your friend enjoyed this unique Christian web museum and thought you might enjoy visiting the site as well.

My name is Barbara Raney and I am the Curator of the museum. At our site, you will "Experience the Bible" as you tour the exhibits...

The History of the Bible Exhibits: See the world's rarest and most beautiful Bibles and learn how the Bible was translated over the centuries.

Christian Art Exhibits: Throughout history,Christianity and Biblical themes have played a pivotal role in art, culture, and aesthetic life. The works of Michelangelo, Rembrandt, and many others are featured from museums all over the world.

If you are a collector or student of the Bible, you will be interested in some of the rare bible pages for sale, such as original pages from a First Edition King James Bible from 1611 A.D. You will also find tremendous discounts at our on-line store.

So come visit us at!

God bless,

Barbara Raney