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The History of the Bible exhibits will take you on a journey through centuries of Bible translation and Christian history. You will read fascinating stories of men of God who sacrificed their lives so that we could read the Bible today. You will see some of the rarest and most beautiful Bibles in the world. And you no longer have to travel to Jerusalem, Cairo, and London and get special permission from museums to see them- because now they are available to view right here in these virtual exhibits! Our hope and prayer is that you will spend some quality time here so that when you leave, you will have gained a deeper love and appreciation for God's Word to us- The Holy Bible.

There are two exhibits now open in this section of the museum.  The first exhibit, Ancient Scriptures, begins on Mount Sinai as God began giving his Word to man.  The story continues as the collection of writings becomes know as "Scripture," and great care is take to preserve the original words exactly as they were first given under Divine inspiration.  Hebrew scribes meticulously kept the books of the Law and the Prophets, and the message of the Messiah was spread by early Christians in Koine Greek.  The exhibit concludes with a look at preservation of the Scriptures from the first century until the time of the printing press, and the exhibit includes examples of beautifully illuminated manuscripts

You can tour the Ancient Scriptures exhibit (like others in the museum) from start to finish by clicking on the "Next" button on the bottom of each page.  Begin now, or go directly to a particular part of the exhibit using this outline of links:

greekps18.jpg (15178 bytes) Exhibit 1: Ancient Scriptures
Part I: God Gives His Word to Man
Part II: Hebrew Scriptures
Part III: The Dead Sea Scrolls
Part IV: The New Testament in Koine Greek


In the second exhibit, Sacrifice of the Martyrs: The History of the English Bible, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the Bibles we have today.  It is a fascinating story of smuggling, intrigue, fugitives, murder, and sacrifice.

Begin the tour of this exhibit now, or go directly to a particular part of the exhibit using this outline of links:

Exhibit 2: Sacrifice of the Martyrs - The History of the English Bible

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Part V: The Middle Ages: Darkness Over the Land
Part VI: The Morning Star- John Wycliffe
Part VII: William Tyndale ty52wcm.jpg (11729 bytes)
Part VIII: The Reformation Bibles

(Includes the Coverdale, Matthews, Great, and Geneva Bibles)

Part IX: The King James Bible
Part X: Chronology and Modern English Versions


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